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When should I register for my class?
The ideal time to take a class is between 28 and 32 weeks into your pregnancy.  This provides enough time to choose the classes that best fit your personal schedule and also ensures that your course will conclude by your 36th week or about 1 month before your due date.  We generally have two to three months of classes available on the website.

Are the Babyou instructors certified childbirth educators?
All of our childbirth instructors are Registered Nurses. Certification programs are mostly for lay persons teaching childbirth classes without the extensive knowledge base of an RN with a degree in nursing. Many of our instructors are also certified in areas related to their work in maternity nursing. The educational and professional background of all of our instructors far surpasses what is required for certification for a lay person.

Breastfeeding seems so natural – why do I need a class?
Many activities in daily life are natural, such as walking and talking, but there is much learning to be done when we first get started. Similarly, with breastfeeding, there is much learning that can be done ahead of time to make the first days easier.

How is the weekend course different from the evening series course?
The evening series is where you learn the material in smaller pieces, which for most people is more effective. However many people have very variable work schedules and for those people the weekend course is a very useful way to access all the information. The weekend course schedule does not allow for as much supervised practice time on the relaxation and breathing patterns in class, so more motivation is expected of the participants in practicing coping strategies for early labor on their own after completing the course.

Why can’t we just learn all this information in a couple of hours? Why are the classes so long?
There is really quite a lot of information that most parents want and need. We do feel that your time is very important and we try to make available to you as much information as possible in a limited amount of time, and prepare you for your birth experience as completely as we can.

Can I just read a book? Do I even need a class?
For some people that would provide enough information. However books are written “in general” and living is quite specific. Our course format provides lots of opportunity to ask questions about your own specific concerns, and to benefit from being with others in the same situation (and possibly in the same neighborhood). Also the information in all of our courses is constantly being updated as policies change, products change, and new research reveals new findings. In addition, many couples enjoy learning and preparing TOGETHER for the birth of their baby and find this is a time of closeness in their relationship.

What happens if I deliver early?
We will gladly refund your fee for class if you are unable to attend due to the early delivery.

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