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Mission Statement

To empower expectant parents by providing accurate information about all aspects of the childbirth process through a fun and relaxed educational environment.

Company Information

Babyou is a limited liability corporation that has been successfully providing childbirth, infant care and breastfeeding education to expectant parents for 10 years.  Kimberley Hilzendager, RNC-OB took over ownership of the LLC in August 2017 with the vision of reaching as many expectant parents as possible while maintaining the excellent curriculum that patients and doctors expect from Babyou.

Kimberley is a registered nurse with over 6 years of labor and delivery experience who has recently become nationally certified in Inpatient Obstetric Nursing.  Kimberley is passionate about educating patients so that they feel empowered knowing what to expect during their hospital stay.  Through this knowledge, Kimberley believes that patients will have more freedom to experience the joys of their special, one of a kind, childbirth experience.

Core Values

  1. We improve the experience of pregnancy and the lives of our customers. We believe that our responsibility is to enhance the experience of pregnancy and childbirth for women and their partners.
  2. Experienced Registered Nurses (RNs) are the best educators. RNs with extensive labor and delivery experience possess the skill and knowledge to deliver exceptionally meaningful and rich classroom experiences.
  3. We embrace diversity: We believe in a respectful classroom environment that embraces differences, fosters teamwork and inspires thoughtfulness.
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