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Why refer Babyou Childbirth Education?

It is important to us that the education our customers receive through our courses compliments the care they receive from you. We encourage the OBs that refer us to provide input into the course content and structure to meet their needs as doctors. You can provide direct feedback to us in the form below, or contact us at 512-215-4799.

We feel that childbirth education can enhance the pregnancy experience of first time moms. By helping them to know what to expect and to provide better understanding of potential outcomes, they will be better prepared for labor and delivery. You’ll have piece of mind knowing you can make the most of your time with your patients – this is one of the key goals of our courses.

We only use registered nurse educators with true experience as labor nurses. It’s more than just the knowledge of physiology of pregnancy and labor – it’s an understanding of patient care and the operations of the labor and delivery unit. Our educators are the nurses you’ve enjoyed working with because of their wonderful attitudes, focus on patient satisfaction and strong competence.

Our courses are fun and enjoyable for your patients and will hold in high regard your decision to refer Babyou Childbirth Education.

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